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Goldenmirror at Sparks Lake

This one was completely unplanned. But now I know precisely how long Bailey's "stay" command will last when he is right in front of a big, beautiful body of water. He gave me about three minutes of uninterrupted shooting before he decided he couldn't take it anymore and he had to wade in. I didn't even notice until he walked right into my shot. Needless to say, my reaction upon seeing this turned pretty quickly from "No, Bailey, no!" to "Yes, good boy!"

1250mm f3.56.3 M.ZuikoBaileyBendCascade RangeDeschutesEM5Golden RetrieverOMDOROlympusOregonPacific northwestSouth SisterSparks LakeThree Sisterscloudsdogforestgoldenlakelandscapemountainspetreflectiontrees

From Pacific Northwest