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How To Buy

Calendar sales are handled separately from the main supplier of my website.  To purchase calendars, please send me an email that includes:

    - How many of each calendar that you want

    - Your mailing address

My email address is:

I will then send you an invoice, and your order will go through as soon as you send the total amount due to me by Paypal. My Paypal link is:

I am offering three different wall calendars for 2016.  Each calendar measures 8.5" by 11", is spiral bound, and is printed on high-quality paper stock.  Scroll down for details on your 2016 options.

I am also offering the same three options as desk calendars this year, as well.  Each of these measures 10" by 5", is spiral bound, is printed on high-quality paper stock, and stands up on a desk or table on its own, elegant faux-leather stand.  On these, the photos are cropped square.

Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Pacific Northwest 2016 – wall or desk

The Colors of Hawaii 2016 – wall or desk

Yosemite Landscapes 2016 – wall or desk

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